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  As we become familiar with the many diligent souls who collected and passed along the data and the source, we give a nod to all those who went before us and the relevant and brilliant observation:
"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants".
The Texas Cty, MO Family on October 15th, 1921  Clara, MO                                (Participants in the photo...)


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"...So far as our story has unfolded, one dominant characteristic of its men stand out - they were Pioneers. In New York, in Virginia, whether on Peach Creek or on Muddy Creek, in Tennessee, and on into Texas and Kansas, the Yoakums pressed steadily against the wilderness and helped push it back. They were not mere adventurers, but builders, and the virgin ground of the New World lured them on. Whether it is 'our' story or the story of another family, it is of good American quality and worth telling." - federal writers guidebook to TN Census, Marriages & Wolford
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Yoakum Virginia / Tennessee Migration and History, Includes research by Bob Derryberry.
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Steve Smith
...information found on the Yoakum families during the period of research identifying George Yoakum.
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Historical Archive
1797 Executive Order to leave Powell Valley

The text of the Executive Order read at Yoakums Station in February of 1797 directing the pioneers in the valley to leave. Includes the pioneer's response and editorial comment. The 1771 Holston Treaty prohibited settlers from entering the Cherokee lands. Published in Roulston's Knoxville Gazette and Weekly Advertiser February 6, 1797, the response was published three weeks later on February 27, 1797 .

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